Wishing you a… Disco Christmas


I’ve been wanting colored lights for the tree for a couple of years. This year we splurged. On 4 boxes. (I’m not sure it was enough! Ha!) These little gems weren’t quite what I had in mind, but boy are they fun! I’ve never seen the likes of it. Seriously, I feel like I should put on some bowling shoes or something.

Mason- with his beloved Nutcracker from last Christmas. Chapel didn’t feel at all gypped that she didn’t get to help with the actual decorating.

I’m so grateful for this time of year, to remember and reflect on the life of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Yesterday church was canceled. Snow day. So we watched this Christmas Devotional with our kids and my uncle James who was visiting. It was a wonderful way to spend the Sabbath. Tonight some close friends came by, caroling and delivering goodies! It definitely feels and looks like Christmas.