What Spring looks like at our house…

I love spring! Now, generally I do not enjoy the whole “springing ahead” with the clocks but I gotta tell ya, this year, time is on my side. For an entire week and a half I have woken up to an alarm clock. An actual alarm clock! No little bodies poking or smothering hours before I’d like to get up. No little voices asking for milk. No herd of elephants dragging chairs across the kitchen to reach the cereal. I know it can’t last. (Well, maybe it could if I just set my alarm clock earlier. Someday I will do that.) But for now, I am loving the sun rising just a bit later than usual, resulting in slumber that lasts a few precious moments longer. I am enjoying our lackadaisical mornings. And savoring our afternoons exploring, breathing, and devouring (some of us, literally) all things Spring.

In our neck of the woods, March showers bring April flowers.

And mud. Lots and lots of mud!