Welcoming Skyler: Asheville Birth Photographer and Doula

Sometimes, birth throws you a left turn.

This sweet duo spent countless hours educating themselves and preparing for baby’s arrival.  They took classes and read books.  The birth plan was penned.  Mama did yoga and swam every week.  They planned to labor at home for as long as possible and have an unmedicated birth.  Instead, at 38 weeks, after a whirlwind doctors appointment and ultrasound, she found herself at the hospital for an induction.  Words like stress test and c-section were hanging heavy in the air.  Meanwhile, Shannon and Denver were trying to wrap their heads around what they were even doing at the hospital, their carefully packed bags still at home.  There was a lot to process.  There were questions and a strong desire to still have a say in how this birth would unfold.

Their nurse was amazing.  She gave Shannon and Denver space and time to ask their questions.  One of the care providers came in and joined Shannon on the floor, patiently answering questions and explaining why they felt it was important for this sweet baby to be born sooner rather than later.  Once Shannon and Denver were comfortable with the decisions in front of them, they were able to move forward with the induction.  Shannon and Denver make such a great team.  They really know how to make each other laugh.  I don’t think I’ve ever attended a birth where there was so much laughter.  Shannon rocked this birth from the beginning.  She was smiles and strength.  Determination and courage.

Denver was an awesome support.  He was also really good at re-positioning that monitor!