Welcoming Shep: Asheville Birth Photographer

I cannot even believe that it’s been a year since Shep made his debut. It was such an honor to be there with Erin and her family as they all anticipated his birth. This Mama was so sweet and so courageous.

In pre-op, getting ready to meet her sweet little boy.The waiting room was full of anxious grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
Seriously love that image on the right of John.  There are so many mixed emotions during birth.  Knowing that this birth would be a cesarean added an extra layer of anxiety.  John and Erin both handled it well but I love the honesty in his expression here.Welcome to the world baby Shep!I love that Mission Hospital offers skin to skin right away if both Mama and baby are doing well.  (All the Labor and delivery nurses do an incredible job- this one has a special place in my heart though.  Hi, Rhonda!)Tell us how you really feel, buddy!  Love this one!
Perfection!Back in Mama’s arms.Meanwhile, big brother and big sister are waiting patiently to meet their new brother.Love!
I wish I had pictures of my kiddos meeting their siblings like this!  So much adoration and awe.I love this outtake so much!  Brother wants that baby back!

Erin and John, you have a beautiful family!  It was amazing to be there to celebrate Shep’s birth with you.  I cannot believe how time flies and that your sweet little man is already a year old!  Where is the pause button?!