Welcoming Rilla Fae: Asheville Birth Photographer

This birth rocked me to my core.  I witnessed strength, vulnerability, patience, endurance, and love, whispered words of encouragement, and complete trust.  When doubt crept in Zach reminded Maggie how strong she was.  Maggie rose to every challenge, made every decision that needed to be made, and gave everything she had to bring sweet Rilla Fae earth side.  It was an honor to witness the love and strength present as this family was born.

I love this image of support and surrender.  A quiet moment in between the work.

Maggie was 42 weeks when she went in to be induced, here’s a friendly reminder that she would not be pregnant forever.

Maggie’s support team was amazing and she was surrounded by love.  One of the nurses actually wrote Zach a note that he was the best partner during birth she’d ever seen!  (Do you know how many births labor and delivery nurses see?!)  There was so much hands on support with Chama and Cindy, a mentoring doula with Homegrown Babies.  Maggie’s mom and two sisters were also able to be present and came in to offer love and support as labor progressed.  Maggie was so prepared and ready to focus and do the work.  She had made a journal full of affirmations and pictures to help her concentrate on the work she was doing.

Things took another left turn after baby girl arrived.  She wasn’t breathing well on her own and needed to spend some time in NICU.  Mama got to hold her one last time.

I was so grateful for the five minutes the amazing team at Mission gave me in the NICU to document this new little person.

As soon as possible, but I’m sure what felt like an eternity to Mama, Maggie was taken up to NICU and reunited with her baby girl.  It was heartbreakingly beautiful.

Miss Rilla is one blessed beautiful little girl surrounded by love.