Welcoming Nolen: Asheville NC Birth Photographer and Doula

This Mama worked so long and hard to bring her sweet little one earth side.  Allison began having contractions on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  She labored at home for hours on end with Mike and her Mom supporting her.  She was coping well but unable to get much sleep.  On Friday morning we met up at Mission Hospital to see how baby was doing.  Labor was progressing but moving slowly.  The change of scene was good for Allison.  We spent time walking the halls and around the hospital grounds.  Allison’s Dad met us all at the cafeteria for lunch.  After heading back to labor and delivery, we learned that while changes were happening, Allison was still in early labor.  The news was a bit discouraging but Allison handled it so gracefully.  She was so well informed and asked such great questions throughout the process.  Her Mom is a nurse and used to work on Labor and Delivery so she had a wealth of information and support.  She headed home with some medicine to help her rest.

Around 10:30 on Friday evening we met back up at Mission and were admitted!

Mike was such an awesome support partner.  It’s so hard to see our loved ones in pain.

We read these beautiful affirmations and sweet notes from Allison’s friends in between the hard work of contractions.

After laboring all Friday night as well, it was finally time to push and meet their sweet baby.  It was such an emotional, beautiful experience!

Mike announced that they had a little boy!  After days of labor, Allison began pushing at noon.  Nolen Lawrie was born at 12:44 p.m.

Being awake for 36 hours and then capturing this sweet face: Worth It!

Love this shot!

Getting to know each other.


I love the expression on Dad’s and Grandpa’s face.  Looking pretty proud!

Welcome little one!

Beautiful Mama!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to work with this sweet family.  I am so grateful to have found this work.  Much love friends!

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