Welcoming Lucas: Asheville Birth Photographer

This laboring mom and her partner blew me away.  There was so much support and love.  They made the perfect team!  Kristin is amazing.  She worked so hard and if I hadn’t known better, I would have sworn she’d had 10 babies before this one.  She did the work.  I think most pregnant woman get to a point where we just think (or yell!) “I can’t do this!”  I never saw Kristin get to that point.  She took one contraction at a time, labored in the tub, the shower, and was changing positions right up to the very end.  Chris was an amazing partner and there for everything Kristin needed.  Birth is such a beautiful dance!

It was also incredible to be at the WNC Birth Center.   It feels so cozy and the midwives there are amazing!

Love this!

Kristin, you are beautiful!

It was so awesome to work with their amazing birth doula, Jessica.  She anticipated everything Kristin needed and she rocked that hip squeeze!

One of my favorites!

This one too!

Love that little foot sticking out!  You two made a BABY!

Thanks so much for trusting me to capture this incredible time!  Full gallery coming soon!