Welcoming Jackson: Asheville Birth Photographer

I met Jessie and Kevin on Tuesday, August 23rd.  Baby’s due date was the 24th.  We had brunch, talked about birth preferences, and how they met.  They were both so excited to meet their baby boy, hopefully sooner than later.  They knew they wanted to document this incredible journey of stepping into parenthood.  Jessie looked amazing, and like she could carry that baby for a while yet.  We parted ways and Jessie actually headed into work.  I told her I hoped I’d seen her soon (but it definitely felt like we still had some time).  That night I received a text at 10:27 from Jessie that she was having 45-60 second contractions every 10-12 minutes, just a heads up.  I grabbed my bags and then tried to rest while waiting to hear back but it is impossible once you hear from one of your Mamas.

At 12:24 a.m. Kevin let me know they were heading to the hospital and they’d let me know where things were at once they got checked in.  At 12:42 he texted back “Do you think maybe you can meet us?”  I was grateful to just be heading in, it’s a lot harder to wait at home.  We all arrived around 1 that morning. Contractions were intense but Jessie was handling things pretty well.  She was dilated to a 3, so we walked the halls to keep labor progressing for a couple of hours and she was admitted around 3 a.m.

Jessie was so strong and resilient and Kevin was an amazing partner.  You can just feel the love and concern they have for one another in these images.  It was such a blessing to witness and photograph their connection.

At 7 a.m. there was a shift change and Dr. Kurtz came in to see how things were going.  Labor was progressing well and Jessie was finally feeling some relief.Not much later, things took a drastic turn.  Baby’s heart rate was dropping so much with each contraction and Dr. Kurtz and the nurses were getting really concerned.  Baby was being monitored continuously and we had a conversation about cesarean birth.  All the paperwork was put into place.  Thankfully baby’s heart rate continued to pick up fairly quickly once a contraction was over and Dr. Kurtz had a few tricks up her sleeve that she was willing to try for the time being but things were not looking great.   Thinking about having a cesarean and letting go of all your expectations is a hard thing to do when you’re in the thick of it.  Emotions were right on the surface. So was grace.
Jessie’s Mom was awesome.  She checked in earlier that morning and then ran to take care of Jessie and Kevin’s dog.  When she returned and so much had happened she really had a calm and hopeful presence.
Baby boys heart rate stabilized and soon Jessie was ready to push.  There was some concern with how baby would do with the pushing but he handled it beautifully. At 12:07 p.m. Jessie gave birth to beautiful baby boy Jackson, on his actual due date which is pretty rare!  And just like that, a family grew.  So many emotions evident in this image of Dad.Such a beautiful baby boy!Beautiful Mama!Stay tuned for their Fusion Slideshow coming soon!