Welcoming Evan: Asheville Birth Photographer and Doula

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to be Missy and Adam’s doula and birth photographer.  When Adam called me to schedule an interview and he suggested meeting at Papa’s & Beer I just knew we were going to be a good fit!  I loved spending time with Missy and Adam, and getting to know them better.  These two have waited and prayed for this sweet baby and they worked really hard to get him here.  I’m so thankful that I was able to be there to witness and document Evan’s birth.  Adam was an awesome support and Missy was so strong.  When birth took a left turn, and resulted in a cesarean birth, after dilating to 9.5 cm, they both handled it so gracefully.  Evan then spent the next 12 hours in NICU, and again, his parents were so strong.

Mary Helen was another awesome support person in Missy’s corner.