Welcoming Ella: Asheville Birth Doula and Photographer

It was such a blessing for me to attend Ella’s birth.  I was scheduled to attend a Brew Day with one of my wedding couples (they were brewing their own beer for their upcoming wedding. It had been scheduled months in advance for September 21st.)  So, when I met with Heather and Bobby I let them know I was available for the birth of their sweet girl except for that particular day.  I always work with a backup doula/photographer but for that specific day no one else was available or even in town!  We decided to move forward and cross our fingers.  So, a couple of weeks prior we found out that Heather’s cesarean was going to be scheduled for September 21st at noon.  Heather spoke with her Doctor and tried to move things around but we were hitting brick walls left and right.  I have a couple of really good friends who are nurses on Labor and Delivery so they were trying everything they could on their end to make sure someone could be in the room to photograph this special day. A friend of Heather’s is a nurse on another floor at Mission and she was finally able to get permission from the charge nurse to take pictures.  I was so relieved but also heartbroken that I wouldn’t be there.

Fast forward to the day, I was at Catawba learning about brewing and Heather was at Mission, preparing for Ella’s birth.  The brewery was fascinating but there was a lot of downtime as most of the magic was happening in very large, stainless steel containers.  My sweet bride realized this too and very generously tried to get me out the door early.  We wrapped things up around 12:35.  Ten minutes later I was bursting into Labor and Delivery, texting Heather I was on my way and imagining her in recovery with a sweet baby girl on her chest.  Instead, I show up in out patient to find out that Heather hadn’t gone back into the OR yet.  It had been a crazy day and everyone was pushed back.  She was wheeled back to the OR less than five minutes after I arrived.  My friend and L&D angel, Dayna, hooked me up with scrubs and I was able to document the birth of this beautiful girl and all of her first moments with her incredible family.  Divine intervention.

We actually heard Ella cry before she was delivered.  I have never experienced that before.  It was amazing!

Ten perfect little toes!Such a sweet face!Squish!One of my favorites!Love this tender moment!Heather, you are seriously such a beautiful Mama!Love!This.  Love, love these next two.  So tender and protective at the same time.So grateful we were able to capture this sweet moment of Eli meeting his little sister for the first time.What a gift it was for me to be there.  Heather and Bobby, you have a beautiful family!  Thank you for sharing this day with me!