Welcoming Eden: Asheville Birth Photographer

Attending this birth was such a full circle moment for me.  I photographed the birth of Alice and Torin’s baby boy almost three years ago where I was first introduced to Chama, at Homegrown Babies, and was able to witness first hand the incredible impact of having a doula.  I was blown away by the love, compassion, and service of everyone who attended that birth and I was not the same afterwards.  I decided then, if I was going to take up space at a birth,  I wanted to be able to serve and help create a space that would allow Mama to be heard and supported regardless of how her labor unfolded. Training as a doula has been invaluable to me.  Beyond being able to see what a mother and her partner may need and offer emotional support, I am able to tell their story more clearly, capturing emotions and connections because I have a deeper understanding of what they are experiencing.

I attended this birth as a photographer alongside their amazing doula, Jen, also from Homegrown Babies, her awesome nurse, Sara, midwife Aimee (who I love and who helped deliver my son!). Again, I was blown away by the love, compassion, and service.  Alice is a labor and delivery nurse at Mission Hospital so she knows what’s up and she had an incredible support team in place.

Alice and Torin headed to the hospital early on the 11th to be induced, worried about how that might affect their birth preferences.  I joined them that afternoon, after Alice’s water had broken and she was in labor.  From that point labor progressed quickly and Alice was amazing!  She spent time on the birthing ball (more to come), in the shower, and eventually in the tub, using these tools to help her deal with the intense contractions.  Before we even knew it, Mama was holding sweet little Eden Mae.

I’m so thankful to have been a part of this most important day.  Eden could not have come to a more loving family.

Resting while it was still possible.Maybe you had to be there, but, we were laughing so hard, trying to get the birthing ball just right.  To use Alice’s words, “this birthing ball is too soft, this birthing ball is too hard”.  The ball was described as a brick bench, and “it feels like I’m sitting on a snow board.”  Poor Mama would be laughing and contracting all at once- ouch!  (Stay tuned for a video excerpt)
There were so many tender moments during this labor.   There were images of this sweet little guy, soon to be big brother, posted around the room.Having Alice’s sister present for the birth was amazing.  She helped to keep the mood light in between contractions and got to work when she was needed.
So awesome to be able to attend this birth with Jen from Homegrown Babies.  She’s an amazing doula and has such a calming presence.One of my favorites!This one too!  How many favorites can I have?Welcome to the world, little one!This.  After all the hard work…You are so loved, baby girl.
Let’s talk about her hair for a minute.  Amazing!

More favoritesI think she’s got Dad wrapped around her finger already!
This little one weighed in at 6 lbs. 4 oz.  3 lbs. smaller than her big brother.  Good job, baby!LoveMama loveSo, yes.  I may have been infatuated with her hair.  Heart strings tugged by that image on the left.Big brother meeting his sister for the first time.  AwwwI think he likes her!
And then they were four.  A beautiful family of four.