Welcoming Caiden: Asheville Birth Photographer

This birth was near and dear to my heart.  I’ve known Marissa and her family for over a decade (Doesn’t that sound like a long time?!) and they’ve become dear friends of mine.  Robyn (Gma) called to let me know that Marissa was at the hospital and would be induced shortly just to give me a heads up so I could get all my ducks in a row.  Being a birth photographer and doula means I’m on call for a few weeks prior to your due date until baby decides to actually make his or her debut.  I got a few more updates throughout the day but not a lot of change was happening and they didn’t feel like I needed to come in yet.  I remember getting one text that said Marissa was in a lot of pain and did I have any suggestions?  I had to read between the lines a bit and decided it was just time to go.

I have attended many births but I was not prepared for the emotion that just punched me in the gut when I walked into Marissa’s room.  You could tell she was in a tremendous amount of pain sitting up in the bed.  I immediately teared up, totally unexpectedly.  I told her I wanted to get her on her hands in knees to relieve some of the pressure she was feeling.  She was not excited about that prospect.  I had to leave the room so I could get a grip and wipe my eyes  warm up a heating pad…

As soon as I returned, we got Miss out of bed and kneeling over the birthing ball.  She was immediately able to feel some relief and relax better between contractions.  Enough so that she could have a popsicle and bring up her energy levels.

Marissa was a total rock star and she had a wonderful support team in place with Sam and her Mom helping through the process.

It was such an honor to witness a Mother and her son being born.

It was such a blessing to see things ease up a bit in a new position so Mama could regroup and refocus.Marissa, you are a strong woman!
Getting ready to push.  I love the excitement in Mom and Dad’s faces as they get ready to meet their son.Sweet baby Caiden was whisked over to the table for a moment so the nurses could do an assessment because it took him a minute to respond, Mama hadn’t even seen him yet.  The image on the left was taken right as they heard baby Caiden cry for the first time!  (He wasn’t the only one crying!)  It makes me tear up just thinking back on it.  The image on the right captured the nurse holding Caiden up so Mama could see her baby boy.  That expression on Dad- priceless!Favorites.Caiden was finally placed in Mama’s arms.  He had a full head of beautiful dark hair!Caiden, we’re so glad you’re here.  You are a beautiful, sweet, happy little guy and the world is a better place with you in it!I am blessed beyond measure for the opportunity I have to serve as a doula and birth photographer to support women and families as they welcome new life.


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