Welcoming Ada: Asheville Birth Photographer

At 2:24 in the morning my phone rang.  I’d been waiting for this call.  It was so great to hear Matt on the other end telling me that Julia was in labor and heading to Mission Hospital.  I met them and their incredible doula, Roxy, in their water world room and it was obvious that Julia was really in the throw of things and working so hard.  She labored patiently while vitals were taken and an IV was placed and then she was finally able to get in the tub.  Her nurses were amazing and supportive, but mostly they just gave her space to be and to work.  Matt and Roxy were the perfect support, helping Mama through the contractions and encouraging her when she doubted herself.  It is so beautiful to see a Mother being born, crossing thresholds that seem impossible to cross.  Julia, you are amazing and strong-  Ada Marie is one blessed little girl to have you and Matt as parents.  It was incredible to be present and witness her sweet birth!
Love this image.When she doubted herself, she met his gaze and he reminded her that she Could do this.One of my favorites.I love this image of Roxy, holding Mama, and just being fully present.  She is an amazing doula and it was an honor to watch her in action.  Love.Destinee_Blau_Photography_Birth_Photographer_Doula_Asheville_0046Julia and Matt didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl.  When Matt announced that they had a little girl neither one of them could believe it. Destinee_Blau_Photography_Birth_Photographer_Doula_Asheville_0048The one on the right is another fave.

Love this series.  Beautiful Mama with her beautiful girl.More favorites.  Full of love.That face!Welcome to the world little girl.  I think you already have Daddy wrapped around your finger.Julia’s parents meeting their sweet granddaughter for the first time.
It was such a blessing to me to capture the image below.  Julia has a special bond with her Dad and it was beautiful to witness their love. So many emotions wrapped in that fierce hug.I love this next set- apparently they don’t grow babies with hair on this side of the family and Grandpa was shocked to see Ada’s full head of beautiful dark brown hair.Matt’s Mom was just as excited to find out she had a granddaughter!Beautiful family of three.