Alexandria: Asheville Senior Portrait Photographer

This is Alexandria.  Isn’t she gorgeous!  She flew in to visit her sister and wanted to get some graduation pictures while she was in Asheville.

They all visited the Biltmore House earlier in the day and I met them there that afternoon.  When I caught up with them Alexandria, sister Victoria, and Mom were all just cracking up.  I didn’t know what I had walked into.  Mom was trying to hide behind Alexandria’s clothes for later in the session and I have to say, she was sporting some short shorts!  Turns out that Alexandria forgot her pants for the session!  So, while she was trying to change Alexandria said, “Mom, give me your pants.”  So she did.  Then she put on Alexandria’s shorts and the rest was history!  Maybe you had to be there but I still crack up when I think about it.  What an awesome Mom (shuffling around the Biltmore like that!)  Also, I’d love it if years from now my daughter tossed me her shorts and they actually fit.

This was one of the first images and one of my favorites.
When I saw that image on the right on the back of my camera I couldn’t wait to start processing.  Fave!You are so beautiful, Alexandria!I loved spending my day with you!  Best wishes- you are amazing!

I just had to grab one of Mom with her girls.  Too bad you can’t see her shorts!

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