Party time!
A birthday kiss.

And a birthday wish.

Brittain is talking up a storm and has been forever. She is such a sweet girl and is constantly (constantly) saying, “I love you, Mom.”, “I love you, Dad.” She calls Avery, “Avery Cakes” and Mason, “Mason boy” just like the rest of us. She gives loves all the time while saying, “oh, ohhh…” If anyone is crying she will be the first to try and console. She’s often the first to say thanks for dinner.

Brittain can still balance in the air on her daddy’s hand and she loves to do it. She’s all smiles and loves to perform. Ryan thinks at this rate he might be able to balance Brittain and the new baby at the same time. I think not.

Brittain loves to dance, run, jump (especially on the bed), and she can already do sommersaults. She love, loves to sing. Anything from I am a Child of God or Old McDonald to Lady Gaga.

She entered the “why, Mom?” and “watch, Mom” phase way earlier than her siblings. It’s so hard to believe that she’s only two. It’s so hard to believe that she’s already two.

She gave us a run for our money as a baby but she’s making up for it every day! I’m so grateful she’s a part of our family!

She’s changed so much since last year.