Thief! Theif!

I’d love to know what the gentleman on my front porch thought when he couldn’t help but over hear the following conversation, in part because it was loud and also because the front door was left wide open:

6 yr. old at the top of her lungs: “Mom just stole all of my money!”
Mom: “I did not steal your money. And stop yelling.”
6 yr. old (again at the top of her lungs): I’m not yelling!
3 yr. old to 6 yr. old- wanting to get in his two cents worth: “You’re yelling. Not Mom.”
6 yr. old: “Well, she stole my money!”
Innocent man on the porch just trying to drop off a package: “Uh. Mrs. Blau?”


The part he missed was when 6yr. old got some birthday money from gma and gpa but didn’t have it with her at the store where she found the goggle/snorkel kit that she just had to have and had been dreaming about all summer. I explained that we could get it but that she would have to pay me back with her bday money. She shook with excitement and promised she would. Apparently it was easier said than done.