The Wood Pile

Last night our friends Clive and Van came over to play for a while. We all had so much fun! As I was pushing Clive on the swing he looked over at our woodpile and asked “What are all those tree stumps for?” I thought that was so cute! But it also reminded me of a lesson I learned a while back and wanted to blog but just haven’t taken the time. So… here it is.

Brother Hampton, from church, dropped off a truck load of firewood about a month ago. It sat at the end of the driveway for a couple of weeks. Ryan and I were both busy and getting it stacked wasn’t a huge priority. (Secretly maybe we were each hoping the other would get around to it first!) In the end, thankfully, I wound up with the task.

Now, stacking wood isn’t really something I necessarily enjoy doing. And it seemed to be taking FOREVER! Every time I returned for a load the pile looked like it had multiplied. On one of the trips though I noticed how high the stacked pile was getting as well. And my heart just filled with gratitude. The Lord provides for us. The wood pile had been almost depleted from this past winter yet here it was, completely replenished. What a blessing! It made me reflect on all we have and I was able to see the Lord’s love and concern for me and for my family. I’m thankful for the service we have recieved and I’m also thankful for the opportunity we have to serve others. I know that is one way that Heavenly Father answers prayers.