1. My baby is growing way too fast. These pictures are from several weeks ago. She’s only gotten bigger. She now wears that dress as a shirt. (Thanks to my wonderful sis-in-laws who keep her so well dressed!)

2. I wish she could stay little for longer. She’s learning and growing. I love to see her excitement and determination, but my arms ache at the thought of being empty. I know that’s down the road a bit. Right? But life really does move so quickly.

3. Brittain, in her own words, is “so glad to have me”. She has more personality crammed into her petite little body than you would imagine possible. I am so glad to have her too!

4.I’m thinking about printing this one on canvas. It is so Brittain:

5. Mason started soccer. He loves it! So I am an official soccer Mom. And I love it too! (Loved this post!)Also, I’m co-coaching his team and it is such a blast.


7. Avery is not loving second grade. “Eh, it’s fine.” Recess has been nearly non-existent, filled instead with laps around the track until her class can learn to be quiet while the teacher is talking. Plus, her table hasn’t earned Popsicles one. single. time. Life is rough.

8. She really enjoyed doing her North Carolina Geography project though:

9. I took the kids to the Health Adventure last week. The first exhibit had a chair of the spinning variety. When you pull your arms and legs in it spins faster, then extend them to slow down. I knew better. I should have known better. But Avery looked like she was having so much fun and she gets motion sick too. So I tried it. I was so SICK! Literally. Me and all four of the babes made a mad dash for the restrooms and crammed inside. I felt a little better afterwards, enough so that I could drag myself from one exhibit to the next and fall promptly into a non-spinning chair. It was super lame. And then Brittain had an accident. Of the poo variety. In her big girl underwear. Not good for an already weak stomach. Somehow we managed to clean that mess up and stayed ’til closing time. Some days are like that. No pictures for this one. You’re welcome.

10. And some days are like this:
Whispers and giggles while little surprises are thought up and carried out. Melt my heart.