Strawberry Fields Forever

Last weekend we went to a strawberry farm. It was sweet! If you don’t believe me just ask Brittain. She was eating them as fast as she could. And not very discreetly, if you ask me. Her face, not to mention her new shirt and shorts, were a shade of strawberry-red.

Avery was an expert picker. (She’s had lots of practice in our own strawberry patch, spotting the ripe ones and eating them before anyone else has a chance! Better her than the birds though.)

Mason was a great helper too. The farmer warned us that there was mold on some of the strawberries because it had been so wet and if we found any to just drop them in the walk way. So, each strawberry that Mason picked he would hold it up and ask if it had mold. Every. Single. One. And he picked a lot of strawberries.

Chapel was a great sport and slept the entire time. I think she was dreaming of strawberry milk. Just look at that sleeping smile. On a side note,I think this girl is going to have a sense of humor. She is already cooing and starting to smile but she laughs in her sleep all the time. It is so stinkin’ cute.

We ended up with 16 quarts of strawberries, not counting the ones Brittain ate on the sly. (We gave the man some extra money for those.) Seriously the best strawberries I’ve ever had!