Spoiled Rotten

I’ve been noticing a stench around these parts the last few days. Especially first thing in the morning. As the day wears on it would become barely noticeable.

Until today. No, today I ran errands, which involved leaving the house and breathing fresh air. When I returned home I was nearly knocked off my feet by the putrid smell that enveloped me upon opening the front door. WHAM!
I looked around at the mess that surrounded me and decided I had better get to work. First things first, out with the garbage. Dishes washed. Laundry started. Nothing seemed to be helping. (Nine times out of ten the old sniff test leads me to a bag of rotting potatoes in the pantry. No such luck today.) I considered mopping. In fact, I was ready to bring in the hose and just go to town. Except I had kids that needed me for other things.
Eventually Ryan got home from work and I told him I just could not find where the horrid smell was coming from. That is when he confessed.
“I poured milk in the planters. For nourishment. You know?”
Oh, of course! (Are you Crazy?!!)
I promptly moved the plants outside. Problem solved.
And to think, I almost mopped my floors.