Spoiled Rotten: Round 2

So, I’m thinking about renaming this blog to “What is that smell!?” (You only think I’m kidding.)

Yesterday I was cleaning the disaster which was my kitchen. It was still cluttered with Halloween paraphernalia (minus the good candy- that stuff is long gone!) including real pumpkins that we never got around to carving but the kids did enjoy painting. They were still on the counter top claiming most of the space, for no other reason than I had not taken any pictures and it was/is on my to do list. It occurred to me (13 days post Halloween) that the pumpkins could wait for pictures just as easily on the deck. Two were moved successfully. The third? Apparently that was the smell. When I tried to lift it, the bottom just gooped into my hand and ran all over the place. At least now I’m not feeling the pressure to clean out the fridge. It doesn’t smell nearly as bad now that the pumpkin has been exiled from the kitchen.

I’d just give up on the pictures but it is the only evidence that Mason and Avery even celebrated Halloween this year. Well, if you don’t count the extra squishy around my middle, a direct result of sneaking and eating part of their stash. What? I learned my lesson.

I did manage to throw Chapel’s costume on a few days after Halloween to snap some pictures. Brittain thought it looked like fun and was happy to re-ladybug up. The older kids were not interested. Mason was a “little” Darth Vader, just like last year. Avery was a scary vampire. You’ll just have to take my word for it.