that is where I’ve been. And not speechless because I’m shocked,surprised, or taken a-back (how do you spell that?) I just really have nothing to say (I’m sure those who know me did a little gasp at that information- did that just sound like Junie B?!). Nice. I just used a question mark, an exclamation point, and a period to end that sentence. We’ve been reading Junie B. nonstop since Christmas. I am all over the place. Sorry.

Now that I’m typing this, and you are reading it, we are probably both wishing I had waited until I really had something to blog about. But I wasn’t sure when that might be and earlier as I was reading my friend Inkmom’s blog I scrolled down and noticed on her sidebar that I have not written for 2 weeks. So, here I am with nothing to say.

While we are on the subject of sidebars however, I will admit that I am a total user. I love that you can now see the last time somebody posted a blog entry but I was not willing to re-enter everyone’s information. It just seemed like too much work. Much more time consuming than say, clicking on every single individual blog on my list, waiting for it to open only to be disappointed when there was nothing new. But now I have the perfect solution. I use my friend’s sidebars. So, thankyou.

My creative energy is spent. I have been working on a super exciting project, which I will post more about if/when it ever gets finished.
Mason has been coughing something horrid and now has an ear infection. He started antibiotics today! Yay!!

Now, I should probably go to bed. I should have put some kind of warning label in the title. “Do not read. I am merely thinking(typing) out loud.”