So I don’t forget

(and also, so I can refrain from knocking heads together. It’s been that kind of a week), I wanted to jot down a few things that I love right now.

-the way Mason pronounces his “r”‘s like “l”‘s and now we all call Brittain, “Blittain”.

-the way Brittain covers her ears when we play peek-a-boo and I say “Where’s Brittain?”

-the way Avery’s face lights up when she makes me laugh.

-the way Avery makes me breakfast almost every Sunday and how she discovered the heat vent can double as a toaster. (Yum.)

-the way Mason says,”Mom, I want to hold you”, when he needs some extra lovin’.

-the way Brittain comes running every time the washer is on spin cycle and she’ll lean her head against it and smile. Or the way she appears out of nowhere when I open the dishwasher so she can (climb up on the door and jump up and down) help.

-I never want to forget the way I whisper, “I love my baby” in Brittain’s ear and she smiles and then leans in close to hear it again.

-the way Avery is so helpful with her brother and sister and how she can make Mason gut-laugh-giggle.

-the way Brittain comes over to give me a hug or lay her head on me for second and is off playing again.

-the way every time Mason sees me putting on makeup he asks if we’re going to church. Really, I need to get “ready” more often. Or how he tells me every time I really am getting ready for church that I look beautiful or “like a princess”. This morning he told Brittain she looked wonderful.

-the way Avery and Mason will snuggle up in a twin size bed and dream the night away together. Only after much whispering, giggles, and more stories.

There. So now I can remember. And I don’t even want to bang their heads together anymore. Two birds. One stone.