Snow, snow go away

The phone rang at 6 am. In another life, Ryan would have leapt from bed and grabbed the receiver in under a second. Not so much anymore. No reason anyway. It’s someone from the school district, again. Last week the caller announced, “due to an uncertain forecast…”, then school was canceled and we had a beautiful sunshine-y day. And maybe 24 flakes of snow. When the phone rang Tuesday I just rolled over and put a pillow over my head, but not before I heard her say something about no school and not having a crystal ball. (I think maybe they are getting some slack.) At least this time it actually snowed. About 6 inches. I’m ready to move further south.

I feel like a shut-in. I can count on one finger the number of times I have actually gotten dressed and left the house this week.

The kids are feeling it too. I know because my ears are starting to hurt from all the whining and arguing.

Would you believe that our television broke. Just this week. You can watch the TV without sound, or you can listen to a dvd without a picture. Go figure.

Thank goodness for

We have also enjoyed a “tea party” complete with cherry kool-aid, (because being cooped up and on a sugar high is so much more exciting)in our fancy glasses, and saltines topped with peanut butter and toothpicks sticking out the top.

We’ve made birthday cards and had pretend birthday parties. We’ve done play dough and painting. We’ve raced cars, dressed baby dolls(over and over and over), learned “Twinkle, Twinkle” on the keyboard, and “decorated” homemade pizza. We ate leftovers by candlelight and made the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ever.

So, it hasn’t been all bad. But really, I am ready to get out of dodge. Especially because our house is currently torn to pieces.

Today the sun was shining. That makes me hopeful!

I think tomorrow I’ll get dressed. And if nothing else, at least walk up to the mailbox.