Sleep vs. blogging

Being 26 weeks pregnant I decided there was no time like the present to take my first zumba class. If nothing else, I’d have a good excuse to be huffing and puffing and ending up in a puddle on the floor, right?

Thankfully I kept up for the most part. It was amazing! I had soooo much fun! And baby didn’t seem to mind too much.

I have a Christmas post sitting like a duck in the draft box. I have pictures I want to include but they aren’t the right size. And lately, sleep trumps blogging. Hopefully I’ll hit publish sometime before next Christmas.

Also, we’ve (mostly Ryan- but I’ve put in some time) been working on the basement. The drywall is almost finished and we’ll be breaking through the floor upstairs soon. I think. (Right now the only way to get to the basement is to go around outside.) Brilliant. It’s finally taking shape and I’m getting super excited.

I think I’ll just end things here so I don’t waste more of your precious time.
Like I said, sleep trumps blogging. And I am turning in for the night. I realize it is only 8:23 p.m. Is that a problem?!