Six. (And some change.)

The when she turned 6 is not as important as the fact that she did turn 6, right?

Six years (and some months ago) my life changed. Forever. (I stopped sleeping through the night for one thing.) But more than that, my heart grew six sizes that day. And nearly burst through my chest. Before that I never knew what it meant to love someone so unconditionally.

Avery had the most beautiful little baby lips I had ever laid eyes on. I just kept saying how perfect they were. She also had the biggest feet I had ever seen on a newborn babe. Almost like she came with skiis. (Which was appropriate since we lived in Jackson, Wyoming at the time.)

There has not been a dull moment since her arrival. I can’t believe she’s already in the first grade. She loves to read, draw, and ride her bike without training wheels. She’s an amazing big sister and a huge help. She loves to surprise her mom and dad with flowers, pictures, and doing chores without being asked, including mopping the floors. (Ay yay yay.)

One of my favorite things about Avery right now is how she just bursts into song whenever she hears Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. Even if we’re in the middle of Kohl’s. Like the whole world is her stage. I Love It! I hope she will always have that confidence.