Rilla Fae: Asheville Newborn + Family Photographer

There is nothing sweeter than welcoming a new little soul into your life.

But also, it is Hard!  Everyone is running out of steam for lack of sleep, hormones are swinging out of control, and everything is new.  You don’t remember the last time you showered but you know down to the minute the last time you fed that darling baby and how many wet diapers there were today.  Baby wakes you up at crazy hours all through the night and you can’t nap when she’s napping, because you’re too busy gazing at the beautiful new human that you helped create.  It’s hard and messy and beautiful.  Take heart Mama’s (Dad’s too) you are not alone.

After Rilla’s unexpected stay in the NICU, my heart was so happy to see her at home in the arms of her amazing parents, right where she belongs.  We had a mini newborn session at home, my very favorite place to photograph families, and it was amazing!  Rilla was so content and peaceful.  All of the love and sweetness that I witnessed at her birth filled their home and filled my soul.  I am so grateful.  Maggie and Zach, you are amazing people and I can already see that you are going to be amazing parents!  Keep up the good, hard work!

In love with this one.

Can you believe that hair?  So beautiful!!


That one on the right is another fave.  I can just feel the love this Mama has for her little one.

Another favorite.