Project 52: week 5

And no, you did not miss week 3 or 4.

This is not going so well.  Out of five assignments, I have completed only two.  (And I’m a couple days late posting!)  I’m going to try my best to participate this month and if I can’t keep up I guess I’ll have to walk the plank.  How in the world do people pull off 365 projects?  I can’t even do once a week.  pfffttt….

This past week’s assignment was a self portrait with loved ones.  And while this is only 1/2 the family I really do love that I have this image.  Ryan was busy making some amazing cranberry chicken (so glad I didn’t disturb him!), Brittain was too busy bouncing around, although she did grace us for a few images, and Avery was curled up in front of the fireplace, refusing to move.  So this was the best we could do on a Sunday afternoon.  Mason and Chapel loved that the camera was taking pictures by itself and were happy to “help”.  There was much love and laughter!  So glad for this memory!

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Here is Crystal Jo’s take on the assignment!