The color of my ultrasound.

It’s a girl baby!

I would never have admitted it before (and I’m sure I would have been excited about a boy too) but I was secretly hoping for another girl. Call me crazy. My girls have been way harder than my boy. (Although his three year old self is giving them a run for their money.) There is just something about baby girls. Maybe it’s because I’m an only girl with 3 (totally awesome) brothers.

Mason was a bit disappointed at first to not be getting a brother, but now says he will be “very good friends with the new baby.”

Ryan’s fear was confirmed and visible in his expression, I might add. (Breathe, honey. Just breathe! You’re doing great!) I’m sure in no time this little girl will have him wrapped around her little finger, just like her sisters before. Have I mentioned how easy Mason was?!

Avery can’t believe it’s another girl but she’s fine with the news.

And miss Brittain, while she lovingly pats my belly and says “baby”, she really has no idea how life is about to change.

Grandma just knew it would be a girl. (No, we’re not naming her Nelly!) No offense.

Now, all we have to do is wait. 20 more weeks to go.

Do you think that is enough time to finish a basement, wean a toddler from her Binky, and possibly begin potty training? Just a few ideas we are contemplating…