Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays?

I cannot believe it’s December! I am such a procrastinator when it comes to getting ready for the holidays. Each year I think I’ll do it differently and each year I end up scrambling.
Growing up we always went to the woods the Saturday after Thanksgiving to cut our own Christmas tree. There was sledding in moon boots and hot chocolate (for everyone else). Occasionally Chili. On the way home we would stop for square ice cream! Such fun memories! I remember one year I had the chicken pox but I went along for the ride. My Mom stayed with me at the car. After a while we decided to hop out for some fresh air and ended up getting locked out of the car! In the frigid air that is Idaho winter. Eventually my Dad returned with a tree. And the keys!
These days we head to Home Depot, strap a pine tree on top of the van and we’re back home again in under 30 minutes. Not nearly as memorable. We still have fun decorating though! What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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