Now that’s the spirit!

It is spirit week at school. Unfortunately Avery was sick the first half of the week and she missed crazy hat and sports day. She had an awesome idea for crazy hair day, a bun and 8 pony tails. Like an octopus. Pretty clever. In the end though it was apparently not what she envisioned and she refused to leave the house. I had to take out the bun and she wore 10 pony tails instead. Just like every other first grade girl I saw in the drop-off line. Sometimes there is comfort in just fitting in. I get that.

Today was book character day. Avery’s pick: Fancy Nancy. I think she totally pulled it off. Getting a picture to prove it was more difficult. Here’s Ms. Fancy rather perturbed (that’s a fancy word for mad) at the prospect of having her photograph made.

Bonne journée(that’s a fancy french word for goodbye)!

ETA: In her defense, I did get one picture of her trying to smile but her eye is wonky. (And she was so worried she’d be late for school.)