Motherhood is not for Wimps!

My Mom had a key chain with that phrase on it. Along with a wild-eyed, frizzy-haired cartoon mama balancing a phone, a sack of groceries, and a baby (or more) at her heels. Several years later and three kids in tow I have to say that hits the nail on the head. In several ways:

On Sunday, my sis-in-law gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Adrianna. She was a couple of weeks early but a good 6 lbs. 2 oz. However, after snuggling their doll baby for a couple of hours she stopped breathing. When the doctors tried to give her oxygen it made the problem worse but it also helped them quickly identify the problem and they were able to give her some medicine that started working immediately. They found she had an infection that had caused her lungs to stop developing. She was flown to a hospital out of state with an excellent neonatal care unit. Mommy had to stay where she was over night, separated. Heart-wrenching. Adrianna has a 99.99% chance of being perfectly fine but she’s had a rough start being on and off ventilators and feeding tubes.

My Mom is keeping their other 3 kids and it’s been an interesting week! Kind of fun actually. It feels like we’re living a parallel life. Earlier we were on the phone and she was about to change my nephews diaper when she found that more than a diaper change, this kid needed a bath, as the innards of the diaper were dripping down the leg- which ended the phone call. Another time she called to say she actually had a shower and was able to do her hair. (That was a good day!) Although it’s crazy busy she would like to be a stay at home grandma. Sticky hugs and wet kisses trump sticky messes and stinky diapers. The good stuff far outweighs the hard stuff.

But it’s the hard stuff that makes us grow. And teaches us to love more fully, more unconditionally, more like our Heavenly Father. Whether you’re struggling some days to do the best job you can with the children you’ve been entrusted with, sure it’s not enough, or you’re missing a child you’ve lost, or you’re waiting for the children you long and hope for, no motherhood is definately not for wimps.