More pictures. Really?

I think this may be one of my favorite ages. Smiles, cuddles, unconditional love, sleeping through the night (most of the time). I love watching Brittain explore and just delight in simple things.

I know I’ve been posting pics of the kiddos like crazy but we’ve been cooped up. Writing hurts my brain. Photography is therapeutic.

There are more pictures of Brittain here. Some of my favorite to date. If you’re bored.

And now for a totally unrelated tidbit. I know I’ve posted before how crazy Sunday mornings tend to be. But I do love Sundays. Here are a couple of reasons why. First, every time I get ready for church Mason says, “Mom, you’re beautiful.” or “You look like a princess” albeit a little incredulously, but still, so sweet! And lately Avery has taken it upon herself to make my breakfast. String cheese, an apple, or occasionally hard-to-swallow-toasted-on-the-floor-heater bread (I eat it anyway, even though I know where it’s been.) She can be such a sweetheart. It really gets the Sabbath day off to a good start. Last Sunday Ryan didn’t have early morning meetings so he was home and Avery made breakfast for both of us. Ryan told her it was Fast Sunday so he couldn’t have any. A little later she asked why I wasn’t eating my breakfast. I told her again it was Fast Sunday so I wasn’t eating. She got wide eyed and asked, “How fast is it going to go?” Honey, not fast enough. Guess we need to explain that in a little more detail.