May I take your “Mc-Order please

And other random funny for me, but perhaps you had to be there, moments.

I had the most incredible day Saturday! I went to the cannery in Knoxville, TN with some friends from church. I laughed almost the entire day. We were singing and busting some serious moves on the ride down. Paige initiated us to what’s “cool” (do people still say that?!) to listen to these days, including some rappity-rap but on the way home it was all ’80’s baby! Dayna, Laurin, and I nailed the lyrics to “Straight Up Now Tell Me” (not sure if that’s what it’s actually called but you can hear it in your head) by Paula Abdul. I’m pretty sure even Paige was impressed!
On the way home we missed the road to get back on the freeway, did I mention on the way down we missed the road to the cannery? Anyway, when we realized it we turned and headed back but not before stopping for Mcflurries at McDonald’s. When it was our turn to order “the guy” asked if he could take our “Mc-order”!! We weren’t quite ready (to speak because we were all cracking up). That’s okay, take your Mc-time. And so the order went. We just need another Mc-minute. Let me Mc-know when you’re ready. This experience was very Mc-memorable for me. I thought it was so great that this guy was able to enjoy what he was doing and have fun in the moment. And make it fun for us. We finally got our order and some extra Mc-napkins and we were on the road again. (I was only Mc-frightened for my life a couple of times. Love you, Laurin!) I’m oh so glad I was able to go. And now we have wheat in our food storage!

The Clark Genes:
Mason got them. I’ll give ya’ll a little back ground info. We Clark’s love to eat. We are usually planning the next meal before we’ve finished the current meal. All vacation plans are tied into where we’ll be eating, for instance, is there an Olive Garden there? One Thanksgiving dinner their was literally one whole pie per adult. This is crazy! We constantly double guess if there will be enough food for everyone and invariably end up with leftovers that last into next year!

Mason asks for animal crackers and goldfish before he’s even had breakfast. And before breakfast is finished he wants some popcorn with a show. Are you kidding me? No. Eat your real food and then maybe we’ll think about a snack. He does not understand this. He does not lose hope. “I want a cookie, Mama.” It hasn’t worked the previous 547 days that he’s tried this tactic. Maybe tomorrow will be different, maybe tomorrow will be his lucky day. Persistent little bugger. This is the kid who grabs the butter box out of the fridge because their is a picture of a cookie on it. And every day, he is still disappointed that there aren’t actual cookies in the box.

Yesterday we had some errands to run including a trip to the grocery store and a drop off at Goodwill. We stopped first for groceries. Milk (again), check. Animal crackers (maybe I should just stop buying them and stop tempting his sweet tooth), check. Then off to Goodwill. I got out, handed off the bag of clothes and toys and got back in the van. As I was pulling away Mason’s eyes filled with tears and he sobbed, “Mommy, where is the food?” He thought I’d given away the groceries and his little Clark-heart broke.

Speaking of eating, Friday one of my best friends EVER came over to take some family pictures for us. That was huge! (We’ve had 2 kids since our last family pic.) Then she insisted that she was staying with the kids while Ryan and I went out for a bite to eat. Can I tell you that I love this girl? Thanks a million! And I love the pictures!