Looking forward to tomorrow

Today, I was in tears before breakfast was even over.
I may have said a curse word when the same bowl of cereal was knocked over for the THIRD time. (Thankfully we eat it dry!)
Lunch was blessedly uneventful.
Dinner brought on more tears. And perhaps some ranting and raving. Then I ate alone in my room. With the door locked.

Some days are just like that. (I’m praying pregnancy hormones are at least partly to blame?!)

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.
Because I get to start over.
(And also, it’s Groundhog’s Day!)

Something worth mentioning: it snowed like crazy here again this weekend. 8 inches is huge in these parts. I do not love winter. Not even a little bit. My kids went out to play in the snow on Saturday. Mason from top to bottom:
one hood, one hat
one coat
two shirts
two pairs of gloves
three pairs of pants and some underwear
two pairs of socks
and one shoe for each foot.
He returned red nosed with icy cheeks and was dripping wet, wearing all of the above mentioned attire minus one shoe. Did I mention they were crocs? Poor kid. Avery found it two days later.

Then on round two of enjoying the snow Saturday afternoon, Avery lost a shoe. We have yet to discover that one. I’d give you the lowdown on what she was wearing but thankfully she can get ready by herself. She has been known to layer her underwear in extreme cases of snow. (You would too if your mama wouldn’t buy you snow pants!)

Something I’m grateful for today: the sound of my shoes click-clacking across the floor as my youngest tries to maneuver around the house in them.