Locks and Ladders

It’s been crazy here trying to get back into a routine after Christmas and traveling and the kids being sick every other week, so instead of trying to go back and mention everything I’ll hit the highlights for last month. Ryan gave his notice at Design Workshop and will be going out on his own. Today is his last day! We bought a minivan, which I absolutely love! (Never thought I’d say that.)

Now we’re in the process of refinancing our house. Which brings me to the story behind the title of this entry…

Locks and Ladders:
Our appraiser came this morning and was taking pictures of the outside of the house. Avery told me she did not want her taking pictures in her room. So I explained she was going to go through each room and look around. Avery then tells me she’s not going in her room AND that she had locked it. Yikes! By now the appraiser is inside. I walk down the hall to Avery’s room and sure enough it is locked tight. Then I notice the bathroom door is shut. Also locked! Thankfully the lock on Mason’s room doesn’t work. What a nightmare! I was trying (unsuccesfully) to pick the locks, remove the doorknob or whatever I could to bust in. The appraiser, Valerie, was super sweet and very understanding. Finally I hauled a ladder up from the basement (9 mos. prego) and tried Avery’s window. Which was unlocked. Valerie came out and climbed up into Avery’s room. (I’m pretty certain that is not in her job description!) Then I came back in and removed the knob to the bathroom. By then Ryan showed up to help and he was able to get the lock undone. I was sooo embarrased! Valerie said that a lot of 3-4 year olds are very territorial when she comes. However, this was the first time she has ever been locked out of a room!