It’s not just for real estate, baby.
While lighting is the number one factor for me determining if a location is great for shooting, not far behind is the background or setting.
Remember this adorable couple?

It was such a fun session and Grant and Laurin were up for anything. Even throwing in a few ideas of their own. Enter bookstore. They both love to read so we hit up a quaint little bookstore downtown. There were some fun little desks we decided to incorporate.
Here’s what we came up with:

Look at the way she’s looking at him. Love it!
Now look again.

Are you kidding me?
Fat Flush for Life, Master Cleanser, and The Body Fat Solution? Romantic? Not so much!
With some mad photoshop skills I blurred the background making the titles less obvious and salvaged the image.  (Lucky for me these clients had a great sense of humor!)

The lesson: Be aware of your surroundings. Move around for the best angles. And don’t be afraid to move in close if the background is irrelevant to the image you are creating.