Light Weight

Brittain is small for her age. She is barely at the 3% curve, at least for her weight. She has 3 more pounds to go before I can turn her forward facing in her car seat. She can easily put away more than her older brother and sister at meal time. I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe the fact that she has a minimum of 4 poopy diapers a day has something to do with it. Is that normal?
My 6 month old nephew? He’s not so little. He’s not HUGE, but he easily outweighs Brittain who is 8 months his senior. Sadly, I haven’t even met Braxton in real life. My cute sis-in-law Beckii thought it would be fun to compare their size and came up with the laundry basket idea. You can see her cutie pie here.
This turned out to be much more fun (and difficult) than I ever imagined, as Brittain was much more interested in standing and pushing the laundry basket rather than sitting in it. This girl must be starving. At least that might explain why she was eating blue and green watercolor pencils as I went to fetch the laundry basket.

Mason thought it looked like great fun too.

I love this one of them doing the exact same thing. The best part? They were entertained for the next thirty-something minutes.