Karen + Jason Engaged

I had the most fun photographing Karen and Jason’s engagement session! They are just so happy together.
They love to play tricks. Don’t even ask about “blue pickles”.

Fine. I’ll tell you. Karen and Jason are getting married at the incredible NC Aroboretum and they decided to have their engagement session there as well. Parking is like $12 bucks but free if you’re wedding is there-maybe?! So, I’m heading to the arboretum and I get this text from Karen to “just say ‘blue pickles’ at the gate.” Weird.

I pull up to the gates, and in my defense, I first just told the lady I was there for engagement portraits. She looked confused and still wanted my money, so I drop Karen and Jason’s names. Nothing. So feeling sorta stupid, in a quiet voice I say “Blue Pickles?”. Now the lady is completely confused. She didn’t know what to do with me so eventually she just let me through. Bless her heart.
Meanwhile, Karen and Jason are cracking up at their cleverness.

If you’ve ever been heart attacked, or had your car wrapped in toilet paper, or covered in post-it notes then Karen and Jason might have been in your neighborhood!
I love that they make each other laugh!
Asheville Engagement Photographer Destinee Blau_0040
Love this next set! Karen, you are beautiful! Inside and out!
Asheville Engagement Photographer Destinee Blau_0041
Then it was time for a quick outfit change. Hello gorgeous people. And light.
Asheville Engagement Photographer Destinee Blau_0042
Asheville Engagement Photographer Destinee Blau_0043
One more outfit change. More beautiful light. Lots of love!Asheville Engagement Photographer Destinee Blau_0044
Oh.my.word. The one on the left with her freckles-LOVE! And seriously, that one on the right. Definitely a favorite. Can you imagine having an image like that of your parents?!
Asheville Engagement Photographer Destinee Blau_0045
The perfect ending to a wonderful session! It was like I wasn’t even there!
Asheville Engagement Photographer Destinee Blau_0046
Jason sent such a sweet note after the session about how much fun they had and how easy I made it for them. Best compliment. I love for my couples to open up and to just fall in love all over again during our time together!

Karen and Jason! Thank you. I loved every minute of it. (Except for the part when I was stuck on the other side of the gate mumbling “blue pickles”!) Love you both!

And I can’t wait for your wedding next week!