Kaleigh: Asheville Senior Photographer

I’ve been mentoring this super cute girl, Demi, who is doing her Senior Project on photography.  It has been so much fun spending time with her and sharing something that I just love with my whole heart.  Anyway, we had scheduled a senior photography session so Demi could watch me “work” (can you call it that when you love it this much?!) and also get some hands on experience.  Something came up at the last minute with our senior and we were beyond thrilled when Kaleigh stepped in and saved the day!

Asheville High School Senior Photographer Destinee Blau Photography_1000

Kaleigh- you are beautiful.  End of story!

The one on the left is a total favorite of mine.  I think it just captures her so perfectly!


Kaleigh, it was so much fun having you behind my lens.  Demi, you rock!