Josh + Jenny + crew:Asheville family photographer

Confession. Caterpillars freak me out. When I was little we were out in the country having a picnic. There were caterpillars covering every inch of the road. You couldn’t drive without crunching the poor things. My brothers and I got out of the car and started filling our old school tin lunchboxes with caterpillars. To the brim. And what started out as a rescue attempt ruined me forever.

So when we headed out for this family photo session I had to put my big girl pants on as I made my way down their driveway. There were caterpillars everywhere! I could barely find a spot to put my toe down between their furry little bodies. (I might be exaggerating- but only barely.) The kids on the other hand were loving it. At least all the older kids. So much so that Ivy (top right corner) decided to get in on the action. She was so brave! She held the caterpillar in her little hand, forcing out a nervous laugh. Until it started crawling on her. Not cool, caterpillar, not cool!

Ivy won the bravery award but I was a very close second. Mom was a good sport too. We dragged the quilt from her bed outside and after the session when we were back inside she’d already spotted two caterpillars squirming around on it. Uuck!

Then there’s Henry (bottom right). He was telling me all about Harry Potter on the Wii. His favorite part is the invisibility cape. He wasn’t sure what he would do with one. I was giving him some ideas, like sneaking the ice cream from the freezer and eating it all by myself, or…or… I just kept going. Apparently he’d heard enough. Good times.