Josh + Jenny + crew

This amazing woman has been in my life for more years than I’d like to admit because it really makes me feel old.  And also, I’ve sort of lost count because I feel like she’s always been in my life.  We met on the internet.  True story.  Then we became long distance friends in real life.  Now she lives in Asheville and we get to do life together (although not as often as you’d think because life is busy!) but our kids are friends too and that makes it even more great.  She is a talented writer, an amazing Mom, and an incredible friend and human being.  The people she’s surrounded by are really great too!  Look how much the kids have grown! (2014, 2012, 2012 maternity) I’ll stop there for now but Jack’s newborn session is here somewhere, along with Ivy’s.  Anyway, needless to say, I really love this family and I love the opportunity I have to photograph them together.Love this series with Ivy and her oldest brother Jordan.Jordan is an awesome kid.  Jenny would call him her man-child.  He is smart and respectful and funny.  This gorgeous young woman is Lucy.  She is super talented, smart, and kind.  She and my oldest are great friends and that really makes me happy.  This is Sam.  Sam is also super smart.  He marches to his own beat and I love that about him.  Super cool kid!  Fun fact, Sam and Lucy are twins! This is Henry.  Sweet, thoughtful, smart.  (I know I keep saying smart but these are all really intelligent kids!)  He matches up with my only boy and is an awesome and fun friend!And this cute girl.  This is Ivy.  With her huge personality, warm smile, and the sweetest spread of freckles.  She loves big!  (And my little girls just love her too!)
Baby Jack.  This guy could melt you with just his eyes alone.  Such a cutie!  He is sweet and sensitive and remembers everything!This one is all about Henry for me.  Love this image of him with his family!Love this shot around the fire, all smooshed in.  I love their love.You two are just so good together!Much love friends!