Jimmy: Asheville Senior High School Portrait Photographer

I really love my job!  I get to meet the  most amazing people.  Anne (Jimmy’s Mom) and I had been planning this session since the summer.  We scheduled the session for a September evening, starting downtown and then wrapping things up at the high school ball field, Jimmy’s a baseball player.  However, the night before the session, Anne wrote that Jimmy didn’t really want to go downtown and have his picture taken in front of so many people, but he’d do it for her (the difference between a teenage daughter and a son?!) which I thought was so sweet.  But also, I had his back.  I can totally appreciate not wanting to have a paparazzi following you around downtown.  It can feel really awkward to have your picture taken by yourself, even without the onlookers.

Anne invited me to their home instead.  I’m so glad!   Sessions at home are always my favorite.  It’s easier to relax and be yourself.  Plus we were able to work in some shots with their sweet dog and Jimmy’s jeep.  Win/win.

Love this first one!

One of my favorites!  (If I had to choose.)