I’ve sprung a leak

So lately I’ve been reading all ya’ll’s blogs and I keep on getting teary eyed. From sweet spiritual posts and also from some really funny slap-your-thigh stories. So thanks. And can you pass the tissues?
And speaking of plumbing…

Last night I was on the phone and I see my 5 yr. old happily dripping in and out of the bathroom with a cupful of water- caring for the plants- without being asked. That is when the first alarm should have sounded. However, she was happy, and being quiet, and I’m on the phone. Those three things rarely happen simultaneously. Then she and her shadow, Mason, disappear completely and noiselessly. This also should have triggered an alarm. I continue the conversation (at least part of it was regarding my church calling- yes I’m justifying.)
Then Avery reappears with a worried expression and says something about “the water is not going down.” This probably would have been a good time to end the call. Instead I shush her with a finger to my lips and point to the phone as if to say “I’m talking here”.
Eventually I make my way to the bathroom. She is correct. The water is not going down. Not only is the water not going down, the sink is getting more full. (That is what happens when the sink is plugged up and you leave the water running while giving 12-ish My Little Pony’s a shower.) I start waving my arms all threatening like and pointing for her to exit the bathroom immediately. And take your little brother, whose pj’s are soaked up past his elbows, with you. I am pantomiming all this because I am still on the phone. (I know you all have been there.)
This causes a fit to errupt from Mason so I let him stay and splash in the overflowing water because the floor is already wet after all. And I’m on an important phone call! And I can’t hear amid all the crying.
Eventually I do hang up the phone. Sooner than I would have liked. I head back to the bathroom and reach my hand down into the sink, coming up with a fistful of mud pie! (And a toothpaste lid and paper clip) After several minutes of interrogation and some slightly exaggerated sobbing (from Avery) I found out it was actually “soup”. Hungry anyone? We will now only make “soup” outside. Until next time.