It’s your birthday, shout Hooray!

I can hardly believe that you are a year old. Seems like just yesterday you were brand new.

That may be largely due to the lack of sleep from then until now!

You were so anxious to join our family, Brittain. If you’d only known then… We learned you were on your way only nine (and a half) months after your big brother Mason got here. I only panicked a little one Sunday morning when I thought Mason wouldn’t even be a year before your arrival. When I figured out I’d done the math wrong and actually he’d be the ripe old age of 1 1/2 years (aka nursery age)I knew we could do it. And I was so excited! I think you two would have been twins if I could have handled it. You are the best of friends and Mason has been smitten with you since day one. You always have so much fun together!

And Avery was so excited to hear you were a girl, “Can’t ya believe it! I got my sister,” she said. She’s such a good helper with you.

You are a wiggle worm. You almost never hold still for longer than 2 seconds at a time. That is why we treasure moments like this…

You are such a tiny little thing. Still. It’s so cute to watch you cruising and walking around. You look way too little. You found your voice recently and you love to talk and sing. You’ve been saying “dada” for a long time and have finally added “momma” to your vocabulary. Thanks for that. We are pretty tight. It’s only right that you use my name occasionally.

It’s been so much fun watching you grow and come into your own. It is such a blessing having you in our family. I love you so much! I could just kiss you all day long! So please, don’t grow up too fast. And please, please, pretty please keep on sleeping at night so that this next year is not such a blur!

Love always,
your Mama