It was him!

So, Avery and Mason are sharing a room while my Mom is here. The other night we’d put them down for bed and after a few minutes you could hear Avery whispering and Mason was giggling like a school girl! It was so cute. After a while I went in there for a second round of hugs and tell them it was time to quiet down. No sooner had I left the room and Mason just starts growling over and over. I thought I’d have to go in again and tell the kiddos to quiet down but suddenly it was quiet. The next morning I found out Grandma had gone in. She said Mason hit the deck as soon as he saw her coming. He flopped down on his belly and closed his eyes tight and pretended to be sleeping! (He’s only 18 1/2 mos. old!) He was laying on top of all of his blankets so my Mom was trying to get them out from under him to tuck him in. He didn’t budge once. Just kept playing possum. Meanwhile, Avery is on the futon saying “it was him, it was him!”