Hendersonville Newborn Photographer: Lucy Miller

So, it’s not every day that I get to shoot photograph a family in their home and Robin Hood AND Captain Underpants show up- but the stars must have aligned because that’s exactly who greeted me when I showed up for miss Lucy Miller’s newborn portrait session! Yeah, best job ever!

I had the privilege of documenting Lucy Miller’s birth story and I fell head over heels in love with this family!  Need an abs workout?  Come hang out with Noah and Helen Joy. They’ll keep you in stitches.  Even in between contractions they’re funny!

I had the best time at this family lifestyle session! Mom and Dad totally went with the flow and we were able to capture so many genuine moments! Real life, as you know, is not always glamorous (understatement) and adding a newborn into the mix is a ton of work. Which wouldn’t be soooo bad except that you’re trying to adjust to this new family on like, next to no sleep. Hard. But also amazing, and beautiful! (And a little bit easier as time goes on, which it will!) So savor the sweetness, let go of the things you wish you could have done better, and just be. Be crazy, be happy, be silly, be sad, but be there. So many good lessons are being taught and learned.

asheville family in home photographer_0102
asheville in home newborn photographer_0060
asheville newborn photographer_0068
asheville in home photographer_0063
asheville family in home photographer_0101
asheville newborn in homephotographer_0073
asheville  photographer_0074
asheville family photographer_0067

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