Next up: head shots Asheville NC

So, I have this amazing friend. She’s funny and genuine. Down to earth and thoughtful. She’s an awesome mom (to five kids- which you’ll never believe once you see these images- but it’s true.) She is so giving and humble. I could go on but really, you should just see for yourself, you can read her blog at mommysnark. She’s an awesome writer. She makes me laugh right out loud one day and brings tears to my eyes the next.
Speaking of writing, she wrote a book. And, it’s being Published! (She might be cringing at this horrible, fragmented mess of a paragraph…) anyway, I am ecstatic for her. She came down last week for some head shots and it was so much fun. Here are a few of my favorite images from her session:

Congratulations, Jenny! Can’t wait for girl’s night to celebrate properly!