Half-full, Overflowing

If you read my previous post you know that the gas situation in Asheville has been crazy to say the least. Tuesday I was driving around with just under half a tank of gas. For the past month I had been planning and looking forward to attending the temple with some friends. (Our temple is in Columbia, SC and is a 5 hour drive round-trip.) I was questioning whether we should even try to go or if we should reschedule when gas wasn’t such a rare commodity. I only had half a tank. I kept passing gas station after gas station that was closed because they had no fuel, all the while praying that I would be able to find gas. Less than a minute later traffic came to an abrupt halt. I looked ahead and realized this must be the line for gas. It took 56 minutes from start to finish but I was able to fill my tank. It was an answer to my prayers! Then I started to worry that we would get down to SC and not be able to get home. I was already nervous to leave my bottle-refusing baby for several hours but what would happen if I was stuck in another state with no gas?
I wondered how far faith would get us. Then I remembered some friends from church who serve in the temple. They were wondering how they would ever be able to afford the gas it would take to get to Columbia two weekends a month. They accepted the calling anyway and said that their gas goes farther than it ever has. Not only on trips to the temple but even around town. I didn’t know if this was another answer to my prayers or if I just wanted so badly to go to the temple that I was telling myself it was “safe” to go.
There were many phone calls between my friends, Melissa, Kristen, and myself trying to find out if we’d be able to find gas for the return trip. During one of those calls I learned Melissa had ridden her bike 10 miles to get a signature on her temple recommend! (Hope she doesn’t mind that I shared that.) There was no way I wasn’t going to drive her to the temple. Anyway, I knew we had enough gas to get there, I just wasn’t sure if there was enough to get us home.
We decided to take a chance. 2 1/2 hours later we arrived at the beautiful temple. And I realized I was home. It was the most beautiful perfect day.
Being in the temple I know my divine nature. It’s easy to feel that in the Lord’s house. I felt unconditional love, healing, and peace. Most of all I felt joy for the knowledge I have that families can be eternal. Being in the temple helps me gain a better perspective. I was filled with gratitude. My heart, Overflowing.

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