Gratitude and a Thank You Note

First of all, let me say I am sooooo thankful that my internet is up and running again. Two days without reading my favorite blogs felt like forever! Also, I am thankful that it was working this weekend and that we were able to watch General Conference at home. It was such a great weekend. Conference seemed especially wonderful. There were some really powerful talks. There were so many talks that I loved but one “message” that stood out to me was having more gratitude, being thankful to our Father in Heaven for all that we are blessed with. Even in, or perhaps especially in, our trials. Finding the good and being thankful for it. We really are blessed with so much.

On another note, I was cleaning off the top of my fridge (nasty job) and I came across this thank you note that I just can’t bear to throw away. It’s not a note so much as a 12×12, I’m talking scrapbook-size layered, textured, stickered thank you page. (I’ll try to post a picture later.) I love this card so much I’ve kept it for over 2 years. It is from our ex-neighbor Whitney, who we love and miss, and who was 8-ish at the time this note was written:

Dear Avery, Destinee, Ryan, and the baby
That was quite a surprise when you came over. “Thank you so much for the good looking cookies they were delicious.” “So good.” They taste like victory. They were like a spoonful of sugar and a cople of good wishes. Happy Thanksgiving.
From: Whitney Susan Terry and Stephanie

Isn’t that the sweetest note ever? You can bet she was on the top of my list whenever we had goodies to deliver.